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Airline Approved Dog Carriers

We love our dog so much, that we try to plan our trips to where we can take him. I'm sure this is resonating with you, but flying with a dog, that may be something new. You are probably wondering if flying with a dog is safe and it is a legitimate concern. It's now easier than ever to fly with your dog. In fact, many airlines cater specifically to pets. 


Flying with your dog can be a stressful event, but there are ways to alleviate the stress. One of those ways is to ensure you have an air-friendly carrier. At Cross Peak products, we carry a large selection of airline approved dog carriers. These pet carriers are air friendly and airport certified. They are a must for small dogs, whether you are a frequent air traveler or are just flying this once. 


Airline-friendly dog carriers are designed to make flying with your dogs safe, comfortable and stress-free. Many of the smaller sized airline approved dog carriers are allowed in the cabin area of the plane with you. The airline approved dog carrier simply gets stowed under the seat in front of you, allowing you to see your dog the entire trip. The carriers also have special features that make it convenient for you to get from the check-in counter to your terminal with ease.


A wheeled pet carrier allows you to easily roll your dog around in the same way you would your suitcase with wheels. This takes the weight off your shoulder, eliminating hip and back pain that can accompany toting your pet on your shoulder. The wheeled carriers are especially handy if the pet relief area is in another terminal on the other side of the airport, meaning you have a long trek back and forth. One of the most popular wheeled dog carriers is the Sherpa Pet Ultimate Carrier


Our coach dog carriers meet airline requirements with deluxe features, such as mesh ventilation, padding, water-repellent fabric, and are of high quality to completely contain your dog while providing the comfort they deserve. In addition to our wide selection of airline approved dog carriers, we also offer plastic dog crates for large pets that must travel in the luggage compartment.


Tips for Flying with Dogs

Flying for the first time with your dog can be nerve racking. You don't know how your pooch will react. You have never gone through airport security with a pet before. There are just a lot of unknowns. Take these handy tips to ensure that the airport or flying is not a traumatic experience for you and your dog. 


1. Choose a Dog-Friendly Airline

There are many airlines that now allow dogs to fly. However, you should know that each and every airline has its own rules about dogs flying in their airplanes. Some will allow small dogs to travel in the cabin area as part of your carry-on luggage, while others do not. Some airlines only allow dogs to travel in the cargo area, which is the only area allowed for all large dogs. 


2. Learn the Airline's Pet Policies & Fees

This tip goes along with tip number one. As mentioned, each airline has a unique pet policy in place. You need to know the airline's requirements regarding pet carrier sizes, particularly if you are taking the carrier as a carry-on. Airline approved dog carriers are designed to meet those requirements, but it still is important to double check with the specific airline you will be flying with. You should also learn if there are any restrictions on Pet Travel in the US or International Pet Travel restrictions if traveling overseas. 


While many airlines allow dogs to fly in the passenger cabins or as checked luggage, there are fees that are charged to take your pet along. You can expect to pay a flat fee for your dog's "ticket". There may also be additional fees that you should find out about. Additional fees can range from $0 to over $500. 


3. Book Your Dog's Flight First

Many airlines are only able to cater to 1 - 2 dogs per flight and pets are usually accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis. This makes it very important for you to book your flight earlyBook your ticket by calling an agent and confirming that a "seat" is available for your dog. Once you know there is availability, you can then reserve a seat for both you and your dog


4. Visit Your Vet Before Flying

Some airlines require health certificates and certain vaccinations. Be sure to know what documents and vaccinations your airline requires. Have your dog checked out by your veterinarian to get a health certificate. This will also help you to know that your dog is healthy and ready for a flight. International travel may have unique requirements.


5. Pack in Advance

Don't be stressed right before your flight or your dog will sense it and become stressed as well. Plan ahead, make a list of the dog supplies your doggie will need, and get packed. Put your airline approved dog carrier by the door with your luggage. Be sure your dog is wearing their collar with an ID tag. You are now ready to fly with your dog.