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PetZip Cruising Dog Bike Carrier & Pet Basket Bike riding is a great way to get exercise and to enjoy the outdoors. Now you can enjoy your ride together with the Cruising Dog Bike Carrier that makes it easy for you to take your cute small dog ... Read More

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Dog Carriers for All Travel & Occasions

Vacations, road trips, long weekends, destinations. Where are you headed with your dog? Shopping trips, the vet, hiking trails and daily errands may be some of the few places. No matter where you are headed or what activity you have planned, we offer the best dog carriers to comfortably take your furry companion with you.


Pet Carrier Styles

At Cross Peak Products, we know that each dog owner has unique personalities. That's why we carry a large variety of styles, colors and designs of pet carriers. We also know that a dog carrier needs to have different functionalities for each unique situation. No matter where life takes you, we have you covered. We offer the finest quality backpack carriers, rolling dog carriers, dog carriers for bikes, car seats, and designer carriers; everything your pooch could ever need.


For our pooches that like to make a fashion statement when being transported around, a designer dog carrier is just the answer. Designer carriers for dogs are stylish with unique patterns and colors. Many even look just like a purse. As fashionable dog moms know, a dog purse is one of the most important accessories to add a uniqueness to an outfit. Plus, a dog carrier purse just yearns for attention!


Then of course, there are those that want to have your pooch super close to you and along for the trip, but really don't want that attention. For you, check out our messenger bags and tote carriers. Many of these types have a low profile carrying option so no one will even know that your dog is along! We recommend the Denier Messenger Dog Carrier. The Denier Messenger Bag is also available in an eco-friendly version made with all natural hemp canvas. 


Prefer to be sporty? No problem. Hit the trail for a walk, hike or bike ride while taking your dog along. Check out our backpack carriers, dog bike baskets and trailers, and our strollers for dogs


Carriers for Traveling

Many dogs get anxious when traveling, being in new places, or being around new people or other canines. Carriers for dogs are an excellent way to keep your pup relaxed and by your side as you move through crowds. Traveling with dogs can be enjoyable and we offer dog carriers for all transportation modes.


For those traveling by air, we carry airline approved dog carriers, which are designed to allow small dogs to board the plane with you in the cabin area. Airline-friendly pet carriers get stowed under the seat in front of you. They let you see your pooch the entire duration of the trip. Larger breeds are not able to fly in the cabin with you. Therefore, you will need a airline approved dog crate for large dogs so that they can travel in the luggage compartment. Each airline has its own unique pet policies, so be sure to check them out before flying with your dog. 


For those traveling by car, we carry versatile carriers that can double as as dog car seats. Small dogs that jump around in the vehicle or even sit on your lap can be a hazard and a distraction. While we all love to have our cutie right there with us, it is not safe. A sudden incident can happen in the least expected times and your dog could end up smashing up against the windshield, flying out of the vehicle or getting really hurt. A dog car seat keeps them safe and comfortable for the ride. 


We offer only the best dog carrier brands that are perfect for on the go. Brands include Bergan, Doggles, KURGO, Kyjen, Midwest, PetZip, Sherpa Pet and many more. Our dog carriers get your pup from here to there safely and comfortably.