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Heavy Duty, Portable & Designer Dog Crates

After a day outside with your adventures- from playing in the yard or walking around the neighborhood to hiking excursions or swimming fun, there comes a time when you and your dog just need to relax. While it is great to take your dog with you everywhere, sometimes it is just not feasible. Dog crates offer a cozy den-like area for your dog for relaxation and a safe place when you are away. 


Pet crates are excellent for any dog breed and have many benefits for both you and your dog. There are some people that argue that dog crates should not be used and some of their points may be valid. However, crates (sometimes called kennels) provide a safe and secure place for your dogs and have many versatile uses. First, and utmost, is to use a dog crate for safety of your best furry friend. It is a known fact that destructive behavior, such as chewing on your favorite piece of furniture or pair of shoes, often happens when dogs are left alone, bored, or anxious. Not only do you NOT want those items destroyed, but there are also safety precautions that crates provide. If a dog is chewing on something they are not supposed to, they can easily accidentally ingest something that could be very harmful to them. You do not want to come home to a sick dog.


In addition to safety, crate training can be a great way to help puppies learn appropriate behaviors and habits. Better yet, using a dog crate often speeds up house training to where it can last half of the time! Lastly, dogs often feel secure in their crate. Many dog owners leave the door to the crate open all the time and have noticed that their dogs will end up going into the crate on their own. This often happens during a thunderstorm or during a time when they want left alone (e.g. if the kids are starting to play too rough with them).  Overall, dog crates give canines a place of security and safety.  


Types of Crates Available

There are many types and styles of dog crates on the market, including plastic, wire/metal, soft and cloth, portable, airline approved, wood, and designer. At Cross Peak Products, we offer a wide selection of the best quality crates for sale. Brand name kennels include K&H Pet Products, EasyOut, Midwest, Pet Dreams, Precision, Richell, and many more. 


To determine the best dog crate for you and your pet, there are a few considerations that must be taken into account. You should have a general idea of how you will be using the crate and what type of dog you have. Here are a few questions to consider. Will you be using the kennel only at home, for traveling or both? Is your dog's breed known to be a destructive or are they a non-chewer? Where do you want to use the crate in your home? Answering these questions will help decide on which style to choose. So let's take a quick peek into the various types of crates available. Read our helpful articles below for a more in-depth review. 


Plastic crates usually are recommended by airlines due to their durability and therefore, are preferred by owners who travel by air often with their pets. The plastic crate also is best for dogs that prefer dark, cozy places. One drawback is that they are not as open as wire crates. Wire crates are often preferred for those not traveling as there is more visibility and maximum air flow. Heavy duty, professional metal crates are considered to be indestructible dog crates and are advisable to buy if you own a dog that is known to destroy everything.


Portable or collapsible crates are excellent options for pet owners that need to move their dog around often, even if it is from room to room in the house. Collapsible crates can be either wire or soft-sided. Portable crates are excellent for traveling. These kennels are lightweight, sturdy, easy to move, great for travel, easy to set up, and durable. They are available in stylish, designer patterns and colors. For those traveling often, either by air or by car, we also offer dog carriers, dog car seats, dog seat belts, and other travel accessories.



We, at Cross Peak Products, offer many sizes from small to extra large dog crates that fit all breeds. It is important to select the right size crate for your pet. A dog crate should have enough room for the dog to stand up, turn around in a small circle, and lie down comfortably. If the crate is for a puppy, we recommend that you purchase a crate based on the size when the pup is full grown. You then use a divider panel to alter the size of the space for the puppy. This allows the crate to grow with the puppy and eliminates the issue of the crate size being too large. Therefore, one crate can last the lifetime of your puppy, making a crate a one-time purchase.


Check out our wide selection of dog crates for sale. We have the size and style that fits you and your dog the best. The crates are designed to hold up against a lifetime use by your pet.


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