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Dog Car Seats, Lookouts & Carriers

Dogs make great companions when you're on the road, but a first priority should be keeping them safe. Cross Peak Products offers a wide selection of dog car seats that keep your pooch comfortable and safe. When looking for dog car seats, you should determine what style will work best in your particular vehicle, with your dog's breed, and the size of your pet. 


Most of the dog car seats work by setting them on the vehicle's seat and buckling them into the vehicle. Booster car seats, such as the SkyBox Dog Car Seat, are an exception to this. Instead, they attach to a vehicle’s headrest, making the dog car seat sit up higher and allowing small dogs to have a great view by looking out the windows easily. Due to the nature of attachment of dog booster seats, it is important to ensure the booster seat will support the weight of your dog.


If you are on the go and travel with your dog, you may want to check out one of our many dog carriers that serve as both a carrier and a car seat. We also carry airline approved dog carriers that allow you to travel to the airport by car, carry your dog at the terminal, and then fly with your dog to your destination. If you also love to take your dog on trips to a local park, favorite trail, or on errands, you may want to check out our versatile dog strollers that can be used as a stroller, a carrier, and a dog car seat. We carry the Mochi Dog Stroller & Carrier, as well as the PetZip Versatile Dog Stroller & Car Seat.


Already own a dog crate and don't want to buy a separate car seat? No problem, Cross Peak Products offers dog carrier restraint straps that allow you to safely strap in your dog crate to your vehicle seat. Whichever option you choose, the best dog car seat will be one with a balance of safety, comfort, and functionality for you and your pet.