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RC Pet Products West Coast Dog Raincoat Vest Style Are you sick of that wet dog smell? Then you need a good quality dog raincoat for your pooch. The West Coast Dog Raincoat is a simple vest style rain jacket. No more rainy day fur, instead your po... Read More

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Dog Coats, Fleece & Jackets for Winter


Winter brings on new challenges for keeping your furry friend active and comfortable amidst the cold, snowy days. Don't let the weather keep you inside. We have exactly what your dog needs to stay warm and cozy while staying active in the cold outdoors. At Cross Peak Products, we offer a great selection of the best dog coats, fleeces and dog jackets in all sizes to fit all dog breeds. 


Many Dog Coats for Sale to Meet Your Needs


For the canine on the go who loves nothing more than running and getting that energy out, you need a winter coat designed specifically for active dogs that allow ease of movement while providing protection against winter elements. Here are a few of our favorites. For more mild winter days, we recommend the lightweight Frost Dog Jacket, which is a sleek thermal soft shell jacket. For extreme winter weather and freezing cold days, we recommend the Hurtta Ultimate Warmer or the Great White North Fleece Coat, both of which provide maximum warmth for your dog. All three dog coats are waterproof, allowing the coat to be worn during wet snow storms. 


For the pooch that likes to be shown off in style, you will want to pamper them with softness in a luxurious faux fur with the Artic Dog Coat or be stylish with a cute snowflake design in the Wonderland Dog Coat. Both of these winter dog coats are made with 100% polyester fabric. Polyester retains its shape and is great for making outdoor clothing for harsh climates. It also is abrasion resistant, making the coat comfortable for your dog. 


Not sure how severe your winter will be- blustery cold or mild? No problem, we have your pooch covered. Check out the 3-in-1 Kong Dog Jacket or the Trilogy Dog Coat that feature a light outer shell jacket, a fleece coat liner, and a winter dog coat utilizing both layers all in one. These winter jackets work great in areas where a winter is typically rainy and cool one day and then freezing cold another day. If your location is generally more mild during winter, you may want to give a dog raincoat a try. Dog rain jackets keep your dog dry and warm. They also help minimize the mess your dog brings into the house from a rain storm, meaning less cleaning up for you! 


Reasons to Buy Dog Coats


You may be wondering if your furry friend really needs a winter dog coat. Some people think it is silly to have dogs wear coats, but in fact, many breeds actually should wear a dog coat in cold conditions. Short haired breeds especially get cold very easily as they do not have long hair or thick layers to keep them warm. These breeds usually love the snow and outdoors, but will start to shiver quickly. These breeds also often are very energetic and need to be outside to run. Take it from us- our vizsla loves nothing more than running through the snow, but will stand at the door to come in because he is freezing. When we put on his dog coat, he stays warm and enjoys his outdoor winter adventures.


In addition to short haired breeds, small breeds, such as Chihuahuas, are not apt to the cold and prefer to be cozy warm. These breeds yearn for you to keep them warm and one of the easiest ways is to buy a dog coat for them. There are even advantages to having your long haired pooch wear a coat. Winter dog coats help to keep the hair from becoming one big snowball and keep them dry so that they do not get chilled. Overall, dog coats are a great asset to have for your four-legged friends.


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