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$ 69.99

RC Pet Products West Coast Dog Raincoat Vest Style Are you sick of that wet dog smell? Then you need a good quality dog raincoat for your pooch. The West Coast Dog Raincoat is a simple vest style rain jacket. No more rainy day fur, instead your po... Read More

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Dog Jackets & Dog Raincoats for Wet Rainy Days

Does your dog sit at the door waiting to go outside for a walk even when it is pouring outside? You want to give your dog the exercise and the stimuli so he won't be crazy inside the house, but you think of the wet, muddy mess that will come into your house afterwards. Or maybe your dog doesn't like the rain and even doesn't want to go outside to potty. Don't let rainy weather dampen your outdoor adventures with your dog anymore! Dog raincoats keep your dog dry and clean. Put a rain coat on your dog and no more stinky, wet dog! 


At Cross Peak Products, we give you the selection to outfit your dog with the most innovative, sporty rain wear to the cutest & stylish dog rain coats. No matter which dog raincoat, windbreaker or parka you choose, you will keep your pooch dry and shielded from the rain and cool weather. When the weather switches to cold wintry days, check out our dog winter coats that will keep your pet warm and cozy. 


Our rain jackets for dogs are lightweight and designed with waterproof materials. The dog raincoats are available in many styles and colors. Some of the jackets have hoods and some do not. We offer simple vest style rain coats that cover the back and chest, such as the West Coast Dog Raincoat or the Hurtta Dog Rain Jacket. For a more fuller protection, we offer full body dog rain jackets, such as the Muttluks Full Body Dog Rain Jacket. Simply add dog boots to the full body dog raincoat for complete body coverage and protection for your dog's paws.  For outdoor lovers that need great performance in the toughest, wettest and muddiest situations, we recommend the Hurtta Slush Combat Suit, a durable, waterproof and breathable full body dog jacket.


Our doggy rain jackets are designed to keep your pooch dry, preventing a mess from a soaking, muddy fur ball when returning home. The dog jackets minimize baths from rainy days. And we all know how most dogs don't like baths. Dog raincoats also save your home- keeping a wet, dirty dog off your floors and furniture. All of our dog rain jackets are conveniently machine washable. Just throw them in the laundry to get the rain coat clean and then store in your closet for the next rain storm!


Get ready for the rainy season and invest in some rain gear. A dog raincoat or dog jacket is great for enjoying the outdoors even during wet and rainy conditions!  


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