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Dog Strollers for Small to Large Dogs

One of our favorite things to do here in central PA is to take a nice walk or jog along the rail trail. It is refreshing to get outdoors; watch birds and wildlife scurvy along the path; see trees, plants & fields change with the seasons; and of course, meet and greet others with their dogs. I'm sure you are already envisioning your next trek, whether that is out on a trail or going to a park in the city.


Well, lately we've noticed there has been a few pooches being pushed in dog strollers on the trail, as well as in some of our local stores. I'm sure the first questions that pop into your mind are, "Why do people use doggie strollers?" and "Why would anyone buy a cat or dog stroller?" It shouldn't be surprising that there are actually some great reasons for using pet strollers. 


Reasons to Use a Dog Stroller


1. Get Your Exercise with Your Small Dog

Most dogs make great exercise partners! However, if you have a little pooch, you probably have experienced them stopping after a short while and refusing to take another step. Small dogs just get tuckered out. They often can't keep up with a fast pace or go for a long distance. You end up carrying them the rest of the way, which can be quite a challenge. Dog strollers for small dogs allow your pooch to come along for the ride, get some fresh air and get out of the house without hindering the pace or length of your walk. Runners really appreciate jogging strollers for dogs that allow them to run as far and as fast as they like with their dog along. 


2. Health Reasons

There are many health reasons that inhibit the ability of a dog to go for extended walks. This is especially true with arthritis or joint issues in senior dogs. Senior dogs also tire out more quickly than in their younger years. You really do not want to have to carry a large senior pup home. There is a reason that we carry dog strollers for large dogs, and medium ones too. A large dog stroller gives your senior furry friends a way to enjoy the outdoors with you, whether on your next exercise adventure or a stroll around town- giving you both a healthy dose of fresh air.


The same holds true for dogs that are recovering from surgeries. After a surgery, there are many restrictions on exercise, walking and running. This often is okay the first few days, but with a long recovery process, becomes very hard. Dogs just love to go outside and experience new things. A pet stroller gives them that option while they are in the process of getting stronger. 


3. Alternative to a Carrier

Many people love to take their pets with them no matter where they go, including shopping excursions, restaurants, and local events. Pet carriers have always been a popular choice, but they can be hard on the back, neck and shoulders, especially for long trips. A great alternative to a carrier is a dog stroller, relieving the pressure of carrying your pooch but giving them the opportunity to share the time together. Plus, many dog strollers can be completely enclosed making store owners happy while still letting your dog see. The screen also keeps out bugs and kids during picnics or other outdoor events. 


Dog Strollers for Sale

At Cross Peak Products, we carry a wide selection of the latest dog strollers and dog jogging strollers, including PetZip, Guardian Gear, & Pet Gear Stroller brands. We know our customers have various needs and demands, from exploring off-road trails to urban walks around the city. We also know that some people just love to shop and take quick strolls, while others love to go for hikes and run with their dogs. No matter what your life holds, we have a pet stroller for you and your dog.


For our runners and hikers, we offer jogging strollers for dogs. A pet jogging stroller has unique features for handling faster speeds and off-road trails, such as larger wheels, shock absorbers and lightweight/durable frames. Two of the jogger strollers we recommend are the Pet Gear AT3 No-Zip Stroller and the Pet Zip Jogging Stroller for Dogs


For those that prefer to bike, you may want to check out our bike trailers for dogs, such as the Cross Trainer Dog Stroller & Bike Trailer.  The bike trailers hook up to the back of your bicycle, giving your dog a safe way to ride. The Cross Trainer is versatile in that it can be used as a dog bike trailer or a doggie stroller. For bicycling with small dogs, we carry dog baskets for bikes that hook up to the front of your bike.  


For our walkers, we offer a large selection of regular pet strollers designed for paved surfaces and easy trails. These doggie strollers work great for walking around your neighborhood, running errands, walking your dog in crowded areas, or taking your pooch shopping with you. There are also several types of strollers that are versatile and come with a detachable dog carrier, allowing you to instantly carry your dog on your shoulder. The rest of the stroller then folds up and can easily be stored until you are ready to push your dog in their stroller again. 


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