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$ 69.99

RC Pet Products West Coast Dog Raincoat Vest Style Are you sick of that wet dog smell? Then you need a good quality dog raincoat for your pooch. The West Coast Dog Raincoat is a simple vest style rain jacket. No more rainy day fur, instead your po... Read More

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Rugged, Functional, Outdoor Dog Clothes

We know you love to go on outdoor adventures with your dogs, as we do, too. What is your next escapade outside? A walk around the neighborhood, a hike on a local trail, a weekend camping trip, backpacking, a nice brisk run, a mountain biking trip or a trip to the dog park to play? No matter what exciting activities you love to do with your dog, we have your outerwear needs covered.


Cross Peak Products is your place to find the best outdoor dog clothes for all adventures big and small. Our superior-fitting outerwear include winter dog coats & jackets, raincoats, life preservers, cooling jackets, dog boots and vests. Our outdoor dog clothing is the perfect addition for your next expedition. Dog apparel helps to keep your dog protected from the elements despite the weather, from summer heat to winter snow. Most of the dog clothes have an “easy on, easy off” design for ease in getting your pooch dressed quickly.


Explore the newest clothing designs and specially tailored materials that have been field tested by our dogs. Our performance clothes for dogs are made of proprietary materials, developed to withstand demanding conditions and hard wear, even for the most tough, rugged pups. Our dog clothes are made with breathable fabrics that evaporate moisture and prevent odors; weather-proof barriers that are waterproof, water-resistant and/or windproof to keep your dog dry and warm; reflective materials that reflect light back to its source, such as headlights, making your dog visible to motorists more easily; soft-shell fabrics for extreme comfort; and fleece or other soft inner layers for warmth, extra durability and quicker dry times.


Check out our large selection of clothing sizes to provide the best fit for your dog for maximum comfort and mobility. Our dog clothes allow your dog to run freely, without any hindrance, pinching or irritations. We have clothing sizes to fit your extra small dog breed to extra large dog breed, as well as your pooch’s unique body shape. It is important to order dog clothes in the correct size to get the best fit. You will need to measure your dog’s back length, neckline and chest circumference. Each clothing type has its own unique sizing dimensions included in the product description, which should be matched to your dog’s measurements. Read our Dog Measurement Guide to learn how to measure for dog clothes.


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