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Relaxing, Cozy Time

After great outdoor adventures with your dogs from long walks to a long day of hiking, it always feels nice to be back at home. You and your dog are tuckered out. Home is the place to relax and get recharged for both of you.

Tired dogs usually go to one of two places to relax - their bed or their crate. All dogs should have a bed somewhere in your home that gives them a safe place to rest. Beds give them a feeling of warmth and security. When looking for the perfect bed for your dog, it is best to know your dog’s size, age and habits, such as the way your dog sleeps. You want something that will give your pet the most comfort and support.

Check out our dog bed selection for beds that come in various sizes, shapes, colors, styles and types that provide maximum comfort for small to large breeds. Bed types include bolster beds, pillow dog beds, dog crate beds, nesting dog beds, orthopedic support beds and outdoor dog beds.

Bolster beds are best for dogs that love to lean up against something when sleeping or resting their heads on a pillow. These beds resemble a “couch” style with bolsters on three sides that offer support and more cushioning.

Pillow dog beds are best for dogs that love to lounge around in softness. These beds give your dog lots of room with round or square designs. They are great for dogs that love to stretch out in all directions when relaxing or sleep on their backs.

Nesting dog beds are best for dogs that love to snuggle and curl up when they are sleeping. These beds offer an area where your dog can nestle and feel safe & secure.

Orthopedic beds are great for dogs that need extra support, particularly senior dogs, large breeds, or dogs with joint paint (with hip or elbow dysplasia, arthritis, or joint problems). These beds are made with special orthopedic foam or memory foam that helps relieve pressure points when lying down. The beds conform to your dog’s body to offer better joint pain relief and better sleep. These beds are also great as preventative care for puppies of breeds that are known to be prone to joint problems.

Outdoor dog beds are great for giving your dog a place to relax when you are outside. These beds are made from special material to withstand outdoor weather and are often waterproof. They resist mold, mildew and odors. They dry fast after a rain shower or cleaning from the garden hose.

Most of the beds are easy to clean with machine-washable covers. Some also come with waterproof liners that help protect the interior of the bed from accidents. If you have a chewer, check out the chew-resistant or chewproof beds.

Dog crate beds and crate mats help make your dog’s crate be a cozy, relaxing place with some extra padding. They can also be used in carriers, dog houses, vehicles or anywhere you go as a travel bed. They are great to move around and give your dog a familiar place no matter where they are. They can be used when traveling with dogs by car, as the mats help protect the vehicle’s interior. These beds often feature a non-skid backing to prevent movement when in use. They also are machine washable. The dog crate beds and mats are designed to fit in standard dog crate sizes.

Some dogs also love to relax in their crates. Crates provide a place for dogs to get away from everything and have a place of solitude. Having a crate in an easily accessible place can help your pup associate it with their den like environment. Crate training your puppy will help in them to be able to relax in the kennel as adults. In fact, many will choose the crate as their first choice to lie down if the door is always open so they can go in and out as they please.

Check out our wide selection of pet kennels, including plastic dog crates, soft side dog crates, wooden dog crates and wire dog crates. We also offer Midwest Dog Crates.