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Hurtta Motivational Dog Cooling Vest It's getting hot out there and you've got active dogs that enjoy being outside during the heat. Don't let the hot weather limit your activities due to the threat of heat exhaustion. Hurtta's cooling vests are d... Read More

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Swimming For Dogs & Dog Swim Gear

Swimming is a great exercise activity for dogs of all ages and can be a fun family adventure. That's why we at Cross Peak Products carry a great selection of dog swim gear.


Swimming for dogs provides a way to get an aerobic workout with low-impact, making it easier on joints and muscles. Swimming also builds strength and improves overall conditioning. It can be a nice summer treat and fun outdoor activity to cool off from hot days or to cool off from a boating trip. There are even indoor dog pools that offer swimming sessions for during the winter, which can be a great day adventure!


Swimming is especially good for senior dogs or canines that are recovering from an injury. Swim therapy (also known as canine hydrotherapy) provides a weightless environment for rehabilitation that benefits dogs recovering from hip/elbow dysplasia, arthritis, muscle atrophy, torn ligaments, broken bones, or other surgery. In fact, research has shown that swimming actually shortens recovery time. Find a wellness center that has a dog pool to specialize in canine swimming, fitness & injury recovery in your area. They will have specific swimming exercises for your dog that helps lead to recovery. We carry the dog swim gear that you may need to take along. 


Dogs That Love Water

Some dog breeds are natural water dogs. Top breeds that are known to love water include Newfoundlands, Chesapeake Bay Retrievers, Irish Setters, English Setters, Golden Retrievers, Irish Water Spaniels, Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers, Portuguese Water Hounds, Labradors, Spanish Water Dogs, Schipperkes, Standard Poodles, and the American Water Spaniel. These breeds were bred specifically to retrieve waterfowl, to work with fishermen or for water rescue. Each of these dogs has a strong tradition of swimming and generally enjoys being in water. Many other breeds didn't make this list, but also love to swim. On the other end, there are breeds that have a harder time swimming, such as dachshunds, boxers, and pugs. Even if your dog doesn't instinctively love water sports, they can learn to enjoy a swim.


Dog Water Safety Tips:


Acclimate Your Dog to Water as Early as Possible

This can be accomplished by taking your puppy to places with shallow water and wading in together. You want each experience to be positive so play with your puppy in the water and give lots of praise. As your dog becomes comfortable in the water, encourage them to go in a little deeper with you. Continue until you are comfortable with your dog’s swimming abilities. All dogs have varying aquatic abilities so know your dog’s limitations. Safety tip: Be careful not to swim with your dog in water deeper than you can stand as some dogs may try to climb on you when they tire.


Keep Your K9 Safe With Dog Swimming Gear

Some of the most important swimming gear we carry are dog life jackets. While dogs don’t need to worry about swimwear, goggles or swimsuits, they often should wear a life jacket for safety. It can be very exciting and fun to go boating, canoeing and exploring on lakes, followed by a swim on hot days, especially with your pooch. However, it is also important to keep them safe, which is easily accomplished with a life preserver. Even if your dog is an excellent swimmer, it is a good idea to have them wear a life vest. This is especially true when boating or swimming in areas with deep water, such as a pond or lake, or in areas with strong currents, such as the beach or along large rivers. The strength of currents can easily be misread so we always recommend to err on the side of safety.


Check out our wide selection of dog life jackets. Get your dog a life preserver today!


Be Careful Near Pools

At Cross Peak Products, we carry the dog swim gear and pool accessories for your furry best friends, such as dog pool steps. Having graded steps gives your dog a way out of the pool water so that they do not panic. If your dog can not get out of the water, they could tire and drown. You will have to train your dog where the steps are, but that can be easily accomplished. Above ground pools with ladders may be okay if your dog can climb out of the ladders. Most dogs will have trouble and tire out trying to get out, making it unsafe for them. Additionally, they may claw at the side of the pool and cause a tear in the liner. If you do have a dog that loves water and an above ground pool that is off-limits, make sure you train them that this is not a place that they can swim.


Be careful if your dog is jumping in to a body of water from a higher distance, such as from a diving board or dock. While some dogs love the thrill, it can cause their tails to break.


Have Fun!

Swimming with dogs is a lot of fun. Play water games for new challenges. Choose water dog toys that float well for a game of fetch in the water. Just know when your dog has had enough so that they don’t sink lower in the water when they are trying to get the toy. Enjoy all the benefits of swimming together! Plus, your dog doesn't care what you look like in your bathing suit!