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Solvit Deluxe Sta-Put™ Cargo Cover for Dogs The Deluxe Sta-Put Cargo Cover gives your dog a comfortable place to ride while protecting your SUV's rear cargo area with a polyester microfiber suede material. The Sta-Put® technology features 9 hook &... Read More

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Gear for Traveling with Dogs from Vehicle to Air

Traveling with dogs can be very enjoyable for both you and your dog. Dogs quickly become a part of our family so it only makes sense that we want to take them with us whenever it is possible from running errands around town to dog-friendly vacations. More and more places are now becoming dog-friendly, making it even easier to take trips with your pooch. Having your dog with you during long trips helps alleviate separation anxiety & the worry of not knowing how they are doing.


No matter what mode of transportation you choose to take- cars, trains, buses, planes - we have the travel dog supplies you need to make your travel time easy and stress free. At Cross Peak Products, we have a wide selection of travel accessories, carriers, portable crates, travel beds, travel water bowls and other travel gear for dogs that allow your pooch to travel safely and comfortably no matter where you are headed.


In addition to travel accessories, we also vehicle travel supplies for your car, truck or SUV. Just like we wear our seat belt to stay safe when traveling by car, dogs also should have some form of restraint so that they do not go flying out of the vehicle upon a sudden stop or accident. Additionally, having your dog restrained keeps them from distracting you while driving and prevents them from jumping out of the car right away when you open the door or out the window at a distraction.


Dog car seats are a great option for small dogs. Car seats for dogs usually are designed with a tether that attaches to your pooch's collar or harness to keep them safe. If your dog is too large for a car seat, a safety harness is a great option. Safety harnesses act as a seat belt, allowing you you to buckle your dog in. However, not everyone is comfortable using a "dog seat belt." That's okay - there are many other options available that keep your dog safe.One of the more popular options to keeping a dog safe when traveling is to keep them in their carrier or crate. The carrier can easily be strapped into the vehicle to prevent it from moving, sliding, or tipping when driving.  


A necessity for traveling with dogs, especially by vehicle, is a dog seat cover or cargo mat. Seat covers will help to keep your car, SUV, van or truck interior protected and clean. Pet seat covers keep mud, dirt, pet hair, grime and accidents from ruining your seats. If you have a senior dog, vehicle ramps may be an added bonus to help your dog get into the vehicle easier. Dog ramps are a must for canines that just can’t jump up anymore, but are too heavy for you to lift up.


Tips for Traveling by Car


Traveling by Air

If you are going somewhere that is not in driving distance, it may be better to find pet airways that allow dogs to be transported. Flying with a dog can be a pleasant travel experience if you plan beforehand. If you have a small dog, you may be in luck to have your pooch stay in the cabin with you. Many airlines will allow you to bring an airline approved carrier with you as long as it fits under the seat in front of you. Large dogs must go in the cargo area and hence must have an airline approved crate. Ensure your dog has a collar with a tag that has your cell number and other pertinent information on it.


Tips for Flying with Pets


Tips for Traveling Overnight with Your Dog


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