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Small to Extra Large Wire Dog Crates

A dog crate is a must have for all dog and new puppy owners. There are various types of crates (aka kennels) on the market - wire/metal, plastic, soft, and wooden. All have their advantages, but the most popular crates are wire dog crates. Why?  Wire crates have an open feel and maximum air flow. Other types, such as the canvas and soft-sided crates, are not recommended for chewers, destructive breeds, or dogs & puppies that are not used to being in a kennel, as they may chew and destroy the crate. In these situations, indestructible wire dog crates are recommended, such as the Midwest Ultima Pro Crates, which are made with professional gauge steel construction.


Advantages of Metal Dog Crates

A wire dog crate can be used in many ways. They are versatile, a good house-training tool, and safe place to keep your dog when you are away or when traveling. They offer great ventilation for your pooch and they let your pet be able to see what is happening around them. Many wire kennels are collapsible and portable with a fold & carry style. This makes it easy to transport or to store when not in use. 


One of the great advantages of using wire dog crates with puppies is the option to size the kennel to your growing puppy so that you only need to purchase one crate in the size of your puppy as an adult. This is accomplished through the use of removable divider panels, which can be placed inside the crate to create the perfect living space. This is important in house-training. If the crate space is too large for your pup, they will most likely make a corner or the "remote" side the bathroom and the closest side their resting area. Use of a divider panel in a large wire dog crate eliminates this issue and cuts the housebreaking process time in half!


Metal crates are easy to clean, especially as compared to other cages. Wire crates have a tough, rust-proof ABS plastic pan that slides out for easy maintenance to clean up after your pup. The wire is protected with special coatings that allow it to be wiped down or hosed off for a quick clean.


Wire crates give you the flexibility to have a very open space. However, sometimes your dog needs a more private and enclosed area. For those times, we offer dog crate covers for wire crates that provide the den-like feel with the durability of a metal cage.



At Cross Peak Products, we offer a wide selection of wire dog crates with many unique features that meet your needs. We offer several unique door options. You can choose from single, double and triple door crates. Having multiple doors gives you flexibility in where to place the crate, as well as multiple ways to access your pup. You can also choose from the traditional swing open door with a slide-bolt latch system or the patented Up & Away Door on the Midwest Ovation dog crate


For dogs that just seem to have the knack to figure out how to escape, you want a metal crate that is "escape-proof." They will need a crate that has at least 2 slide bolt latches. The best option for these canines is the LifeStages A.C.E crate, which has a unique MAXLock Door that provides multiple lock points around the perimeter of the door. This door also makes it easy on you, as it can be operated without kneeling or bending over. 



Wire dog crates are available in many sizes to fit all breeds, from extra small, teacup dogs to extra large dogs. Typically the height and length of your pooch will determine what size wire kennel you should purchase. The ideal size should enable your dog to stand up without ducking his head below his shoulders. It also should allow your dog to lie down and stretch to his full body length without being cramped. If you are purchasing portable wire dog crates for a new puppy, you will want to make sure you either purchase a small enough one or one that comes with a divider panel. 


If you feel uneasy about crating your pooch, we strongly encourage you to ask other dog owners, your vet or a trainer about the advantages and value of using a crate or kennel. 


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