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Best Midwest Dog Crates Guide

What is the Best Midwest Dog Crate to Buy?

At Cross Peak Products, we carry a large selection of Midwest Wire Dog Crates for you to choose from, but how do you know which Midwest dog crate is best for your situation. We have created this comparison guide that explains the Midwest crate differences to help you make the best choice for your dog and situation. 

Find the Best Midwest Dog Crate For Your Dog

Midwest Ginormus & Extra Large Dog Crates

Midwest Extra Large Dog CratesAs the name implies, these giant crates are designed specifically with large dimensions for extra large dog breeds, such as Great Danes, Mastiffs, Borzois, Great Pyrenees, Irish Wolfhounds, Newfoundlands or Saint Bernards. The Midwest Extra Large Dog Crates are secured together with a drop pin assembly- long drop pins drop into the corners to keep the crate together. Assembly is required, but it is simple and requires no tools. The drop pin assembly makes the crate extremely durable and tough. However, it also means that the crate cannot easily fold down for transport without a disassemble, as other Midwest dog crates do. 

Midwest Ginormus vs Extra Large Dog Crates

The Ginormus Dog Crate has 2 doors and is 37” wide. The Extra Large Dog Crate has one door and is 35” wide. Both have a black electro-coat wire finish and slide bolt latches. 


Midwest Life Stages Wire Dog Crates

Midwest Life Stages ACE Dog Crates with MaxLock Door SystemThe Midwest Life Stages Dog Crates are designed specifically to grow with your dog from the puppy stage into adulthood. As such, it is best to purchase the size your dog will need as an adult. The crates include a free divider panel that can be placed inside the crate to create the perfect amount of space the puppy needs. This prevents puppies having too much space and making a potty spot in the crate. The crates are perfect for crate training. They also include an ABS plastic pan to make cleaning messes a breeze. The Life Stages Dog Crates are simple to set up and fold down with carrying handles for easy transport or storage. The crates have rounded corners so there are no sharp edges. These Midwest Dog Crates are available as single or double doors with a black electro-coat wire finish and slide bolt latches. 

The Midwest Life Stages ACE Dog Crates have all the same great features as the standard Life Stages Dog Crates with an added benefit of the unique MAXLock Door System for added security. The MAXLock Door System is great for dogs that try to break out of crates with traditional slide bolt latches. 


Midwest Ovation Dog Crates

Midwest Ovation Series Dog Crates with Up & Away DoorThe Midwest Ovation Dog Crates feature a unique “up and away” door that slides up and rests on the top of the crate instead of swinging out like a traditional door. This gives you the option to keep the door permanently open to allow your dog to freely go into or out of the crate at their pleasure, with the option to shut it when needed. The Ovation Crates have a black electro-coat wire finish and are simple to set up or fold down with a carrying handle for transport or storage. It is a great option for those that need a crate for travel. Additionally, the crate includes a free divider panel to allow the crate to grow with your puppy and a plastic pan for easy cleaning. 


Midwest SUV Dog Crates

Midwest Dog Crates for SUVSUV Dog Crates are designed more narrow (21” wide) so that 2 crates can sit side-by-side in the back of an SUV or van. These crates have two doors- one on each end so that dogs can enter the crates either by the tailgate or through the vehicle if the rear seats are out or folded down. The SUV Dog Crates have many of the same features of the other Midwest dog crates. They have a black electro-coat wire finish. They are simple to set up and fold down with carrying handles to transport or store. They also come with a plastic pan for easy cleanup. 


Midwest Triple Door Dog Crates

Midwest Dog Crates - Select Triple DoorsThe Triple Door Dog Crates were designed for flexibility and convenience with three door access- one on the side and one on both ends. The end doors are hinged on opposite sides so that they swing open in different directions, giving you the versatility to place the crate anywhere. The doors are designed to easily be removed without tools if you prefer to utilize the crate as a “den” for your dog to go in and out as they please with the ability to quickly put the door back on for when they need to stay in the crate. 

The Triple Door Midwest Dog Crates are constructed with powder-coated wire, which is the toughest wire finish available and creates a pewter gray color. Additionally, the wire mesh is closer together than some of the other crates, making this crate stronger & tougher for more active dogs. These crates also are simple to set up and fold down with carrying handles for easy transport or storage.


Midwest Professional Triple Door Dog Crates

Midwest Ultima Dog Crates - Pro Triple DoorsThe Professional Triple Door Dog Crates are heavy duty crates. They are the toughest wire crates available for the most active or destructive dogs. These crates are constructed with the heaviest professional wire gauge wire out of all Midwest dog crates and have the closest wire mesh spacing. They also feature the powder-coated wire, the most durable wire, with a nice black finish for looks. The combination makes this the strongest and most durable of the Midwest Dog Crates. 

The Professional Triple Door Dog Crates feature the same great flexibility and convenience as the standard triple door crates with three access doors. These crates are simple to set up and fold down. They come with easy to attach carrying handles. However, the construction makes it a heavier crate than the others, which can make transporting it or moving it more of a challenge. 


More Information About Midwest Dog Crates

We hope this series comparison guide of the various Midwest Dog Crates has been helpful. You can learn what makes Midwest Dog Crates so popular in our interview with Midwest Homes for Pets. If you still are unsure of which Midwest dog crate to purchase, give us a call at 1-800-918-7492 or email us at 

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