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How do I join the Pack Member's Club & Get 10% Off?

Simply enter your email in the sign up below. If you would also like to us to celebrate your dog's birthday, fill out their information too. You will receive an email with a special birthday gift.

Customers with store accounts are automatically enrolled in the Preferred Pack where they can begin collecting 'Doggy Points'. If you do not have a store account, make sure to create an account the next time you complete a purchase to become enrolled.

How do I earn points?

One Doggy Point is earned for every $1 spent at Rewards are issued as coupons. You will earn a $25 store coupon to be used on your next purchase for every 500 doggy points earned.

Doggy Points are not earned on shipping costs, taxes or discounts applied. If you return an item, points earned will be deducted and do not count towards your Doggy Points.

How do I redeem rewards?

Sign into your store account. Apply your reward coupon code on the payment page during checkout to receive $25 off your purchase.

The coupon code can not be used during the same transaction as you earned the doggy points, but can be used on any subsequent purchase. Returns on items purchased with the coupon code will only be issued store credit in return.

How do I sign up my dog for the free birthday gift?

It's simple. Fill out the form above with your dog's information. You will an email on your dog's birthday with a special birthday gift inside.

Have more than one dog? No problem, simply email us your dogs' information at